Le fil de la pensée – Cultural mediation and creation of a work

You have 375 seconds to scroll the thread of your thoughts on a large shared paper.

Invented words, cut out
Asymmetrical states
Colorful movements
Assembled images
In a frank gesture. Released.

Pencils, paint, pictures, glue, words and other heterogeneous materials will be at your disposal. It is a collective work.A kind of great Dadaist collage. Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Parc du Pélican and Parc Bélanger-Châteaubriand in Montreal.

As part of the 375th anniversary of Montreal, the Rosemont – Petite-Patrie Arts and Culture Event organizes the Page Blanche event: 18 artists are expected to share 375 seconds of silence with each citizen in order to create a work. It’s my turn on August 19th. After, I leave your work to create another one. It’s like the theory of communicating vessels.

The thread of thought is a puppetry sculpture creating different surreal worlds and playing on variations of scales. Each visitor is led to look inside the sphere and activate its mechanisms. A sort of human cartography, this work is the result of a spontaneous creation process, inspired by the meeting with the citizens. The interior of the sphere reveals a rhizome of words and images drawn from the surrealist collage developed with the citizens. Thus, the work plays on the multitude of points of view: from the inner observation through the external point of view.