(un)stitch(ed) is a visual tale inspired by the world of storytelling. It’s an offbeat world where dreams, nightmares and reality collide. This is the story of a little girl absorbed in her inner world. Burdened by her own fears – embodied by the mysterious Raven Woman – she must tame her dark forces. These dark forces are both creative and destructive as they guide her on this coming-of-age journey somewhere on the borderline between the familiar and the strange.


Original Idea, Performance, Visual Design, Puppet/Mask Building: Emilie Racine

Assistant Stage Director and Sound Designer: Kristelle Delorme

Movement and Performance Coach: Patricia Bergeron

Lighting: Estelle Vallières-Frenette

On-stage Interventions: Sandra Turgeon

Technical Support: Colin St-Cyr

Research Supervisor: Marthe Adam

Techniques: Mixed

Duration: 50 minutes